Ideal for birthdays, parties, weddings, mehndi (henna) parties,  receptions, office events,

flash mob promotions,

and charitable events.

"It was a brilliant experience, one I'll never forget!"

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"I firmly believe anyone can dance, however, it is essential to choose the right dance style, setting and song or music choice for the individuals concerned."

It is important to learn about the individuals, their ideas and wishes for their special occasion or event. Once the ideas are shared I can then recommend a great dance and style to suit the occasion. I break up the routines into simple steps which are easy to follow and can be quickly rehearsed to create the wow factor for all. I often like to suggest a twist to the choreography such as a surprise or mischievous element to add interest, excitement and fun! 

Bollywood dancing brings so much joy and  happiness which you must experience.


Blast for you!

A unique and personal choreography service for your special event.

Bold... Beats... Beauty.... Blast! 
Dance the BB way!

 "It is immensely rewarding to experience a dance  project from the first ideas to the final spectacular performance."

Bring a touch of glamour, culture, excitement and fun to your party or event!