"Minal fascinated the children with her Bollywood dances. She has a gentle friendly nature and is very patient with the young ones."

Kay McGibney

Head of Year 7

Kent College, Canterbury

Bhangra Dance Workshop
“Experience the “Dhamaal”(fun and frolic) of Bhangra! An uplifting, beaty, energetic dance from the Indian region of Punjab. As the Punjabi’s would say “Oye Chak de Phatte” literally meaning bring the house down!”

This workshop will explore the origins, significance and the energetic moves of Bhangra Dance. I will share a well known Bollywood Bhangra song and reflect on the meaning of the phrases originally written a few centuries ago to honour the Sufi Saint who worked for Hindu-Muslim Unity in Sindh. A vibrant, happy and energising workshop. Full of fun, mischief, jumping and beautiful costumes with hand scarves.

Diwali Diya Light Workshop
"A graceful dance workshop danced with Diya lights capturing the beauty, serenity and meaning of Diwali"
Diwali is a special time for all Hindus and a time to reflect, bring light and understanding to their lives in preparation for the Hindu New Year. The Diwalli workshop explores the story and meaning associated with this festival. The diyas are the main focus of this dance and accompanied with the graceful postures which originate from the Indian classical dance form.

Bollywood Workshop -  Girls Challenge the Boys
"Bollywood charm and heroism in its full glory"

This Bollywood dance routine is set during the festival of Karva Chaut. It captures the glamour, opulence and fun of Bollywood. The workshop also explores the Indian Film Industry (affectionately known as Bollywood) and its cultural significance in India and its many world wide fans. It is a real treat and very popular with schools.

Indian Classical Dance Workshop

“Spiritual, haunting and reflective… immerse yourself in this ancient dance form. Both serene and powerful depicting ancient Indian tales and histories from the Indian Temples and Mughal courts”​​ 

The workshop provides an introduction to the main Indian Classical dance forms of North and South India. I will explore the origins of this ancient Indian dance form as depicted in the Natya Shashtra (ancient vedic scriptures) over two thousand years ago and the subsequent influence of Indian and Mughal rulers. We will dance to Vandanaa Trayee the first salutation mantras offered by Hindus to Lord Ganesha, Saraswati and their Gurus (teachers). Students will gain an insight into the classical rhythmic footwork, elegant hand gestures, graceful turns and the classical postures seen in temple carvings all over India. 

Garba Navaratri Workshop
"Enjoy the bold clapping steps and experience an endorphin rush from the fast twirls!"

Learn about the significance of the annual Hindu Festival of Navaratri which precedes the Diwali Celebrations. The workshop focuses on the Regional Garba Style of Dance which consists of bold clapping movements and lots of turns!

It is energetic, graceful and great fun! 

Workshops start from £30.00 Please contact me for further information

Tel  07816899570
​Email minal@bollywood-blast.co.uk

The Bollywood Blast Fusion Workshop!

“Fast, bold, powerful, classical moves with a modern twist depicting the yearly Ganpati Mumbai celebration. A unique fusion of Indian classical dance with contemporary beats”

The workshop explores the yearly Mumbai Ganesh Festival which is the grandest Street Party in Mumbai with a special meaning.  Students will learn about the historical, cultural and religious significance of the celebration. I will share typical Maharashtran dancing technique which is fused with modern classical moves. A great Indian Dance Workshop with a difference!

Bold... Beats... Beauty.... Blast! 
Dance the BB way!